Discover Your Weaknesses Before The Bad Guys !

Our SANS and GIAC accredited ethical hacking engagements enable your organization to identify and prevent potential risks arising from malicious cybercriminals.  

You will not only receive a technical report which includes the criticality of the issues but also executive reports and mitigation strategies will be delivered to keep the hacker off from your systems. Some of the tests we conduct:  

  • Network & &ystems Infrastructure  
  • Databases  
  • Mobile Security  
  • Web Applications  
  • Social Engineering  
  • Wireless Networks  

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Identify and prioritize the cyber risks in your organization with our vulnerability assessment services !

A complete readiness for the ever-expanding cyber threats requires detailed analysis of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in your system. At Securtia, we provide a step by step solution for the potential cyber risks in your organization:  

  • Asset and capability identification  
  • Assigning quantitative and/or qualitative importance to those resources 
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats for each resource 
  • Mitigating or eliminating vulnerabilities in a top-down approach  

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